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UAG Pro User Panel Discuss Off-Season and Winter Business

String trimming tips. Learn to choose and properly use a string trimmer

Trimming lawn areas properly with a string trimmer so as not to burn or scalp can be a skill that takes some time to master. Proper trimming can be the difference that gives a lawn that well manicured look and can be a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are some tips Continue reading

Equipment Defender, meet the racks that stop theft in its tracks!

Ever since thieves stole my whole trailer and cleaned me out of every single piece of equipment on board in July 2015, I have had a vested interest in equipment and trailer security. So recently when a company called Equipment Defender at contacted me and was inquiring on if I’d like to check out their equipment racks, I immediately said yes as I was intrigued by their company name and the potential for what that could mean. Continue reading

RZ Mask Review


Recently I had the opportunity to test out and review the RZ Industries M2 Mask. If you’re an established lawn care service provider, then you already know that your lungs can sometimes take a beating in this industry and you have to do everything you can to protect them for your future health. Continue reading

SureCan Review

Recently while loading up equipment and getting ready for the days mowing schedule, I started as I do every morning by refuelling my equipment before loading onto the trailer. Only this time I had the unfortunate experience that happens all too often. A big messy, and smelly fuel spill. Continue reading

How to get commercial contracts for your lawn care business


I was recently asked how to go about getting commercial contracts for my lawn care business, by a listener of the podcast. I responded by doing a entire episode of the podcast entitled (Episode 068 – How to get commercial contracts) answering their question and offering up suggestions. Continue reading

Business Signage Tips

Having professional looking signs can create a lasting first impression on your potential clients. I have discussed in the past how having a professional image has helped my business greatly. Continue reading

Door to door flyer drop off tips

One of the most popular forms of advertising for a new service start up business is flyers.  Flyers can be a very affordable form of advertising for someone looking to get the word out on a tight budget.  Today I will focus on some strategies you can use with your printed marketing material such as flyers, postcards and door hangers etc. Continue reading

Cloud accounting made easy

Recently I did some research on software to help manage your lawn care business. I compiled all that research into a list of all the software I found.  After putting the list together, I started to think about all the software I found, and just how complicated a lot of it seemed to be. Continue reading

Choosing the right software to run your lawn care business.

Are you looking for the right software package for your lawn care business? With so many options available, how do you narrow down your choices? Well you really need to ask yourself what you want out of a software package, and what you can afford to pay for those requirements.  In this post I share what I learned recently when searching online for lawn care business specific software options. Continue reading

Create a online presence for your lawn care business

Its no secret that I think everyone starting out a new lawn care business should have a website for their company, and that building one should be a top priority.  So it should come as no surprise that this blog post is about having a overall web presence. Continue reading

Keeping your brand consistent to help build awareness

Keeping your brand consistent to help build awareness.
With spring fast approaching I wanted to share a few tips for you to keep in mind, to help build your brand awareness in your community. Continue reading

Acres of Diamonds – Supplementing your lawn care during slow periods

Supplementing your mowing service with other jobs can be a great addition to your bottom line. We all experience slow periods in our business. Usually it is a result of seasonal changes, like a winter in North America. It may also come about because Continue reading

Should you offer lawn care treatments?

So should you offer lawn care treatments to supplement your mowing service? In a nutshell, absolutely! Most clients will automatically assume that as a lawn care company, that you will be able to offer fertilizing programs, moss control, and even weed control.  This is also a great way Continue reading

Lawn Care Marketing Mistakes

You find a lot of information available for successful ways to market your small business, but most people don’t ever mention what their marketing mistakes or failures were.  I believe that this can be equally valuable information so you can make a more educated and informed decision on what will work for your business.   Continue reading

Avoid under pricing in your lawn care business

Today’s post is all about pricing, or actually more about not under pricing your work.  Most people you ask would probably say that you need to price low when starting out to build up a client list.  Now let me confess that I am totally guilty of this practice as well, especially Continue reading

Focus on a smaller service area for your mowing route

When you first start out it may seem counter intuitive to try to focus on a smaller geographical area to focus on and provide your service.  From my experience though, Continue reading

Lawn mowing equipment purchase. Residential or Commercial?

If you are just starting out in the lawn care industry, and trying to start your business, it can be quite expensive at first.  You may wonder if you can get away with using residential grade equipment and save some money that way.  My best advise is, well it all depends.  Sure you could probably start out using residential equipment but I would say to Continue reading

Welcome to the lawn care business freedom plan!

Do you often feel like you’re a hamster on a hamster wheel?  Running around all day long, working hard for someone else, and feeling trapped.  Feeling like your barely making enough income to get by and working hours that have you paying other people to watch your kids. Continue reading

Vehicle Signs Do’s and Dont’s

The other day at work I was driving to my next job when I pulled into an intersection waiting to turn left.  I noticed that the vehicle across the intersection from me, also waiting to turn left was another lawn care company.  I could clearly see that because I noticed it was a full size pickup truck pulling a medium-sized trailer full of lawn care equipment.  As he turned left and drove by me, I noticed Continue reading

Picking your new business name.

Now starts the fun part.  Being a serial entrepreneur myself and having developed many different business’s, the process of picking out the name for a new business is one of my favourite parts of the whole process of developing a new business or brand. It’s a time when there is just so much excitement and enthusiasm around your idea.  I for one become fully immersed in the process. Continue reading

Now is the time!

Don’t hesitate for another moment.  Now is the time to be proactive and live life on your own terms.  The time we have here on this earth is way to short.  It is literally a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things. Continue reading

Welcome to Lawn Care Business Success

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate you taking the time to check out this site.  In the coming weeks and months, I will be using this site as a hub for resources I am developing on building a successful lawn care business. Continue reading