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Black Diamond trimmer line review after 7 months of use

How to get more lawn care customers. Top 5 marketing strategies for a lawn care business.

The importance of branding for a small lawn care business

ISO Tunes PRO Long Term Use Review

Echo PB-2520 Hand Held Blower Review

Gorilla Lift installation on a custom trailer with no side rails

Gorilla Lifts are available on Amazon

Echo PB-2520 unboxing and first impression

How I blow out my in ground lawn sprinklers

Grass buster lawn mower deck scraper

Gorilla Lift unboxing

In this video I unbox and show you the contents and what to expect inside a box of Gorilla lift trailer tailgate lift assists.

Gorilla lifts are available on Amazon!

How to cut trimmer line with no tools

How to adjust valves on a Stihl 4 Mix engine

Get a FREE sample of Echo Black Diamond Trimmer Line

Use the links below to get a FREE Sample of Echo Black Diamond Trimmer Line.

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ECHO Means Business and UAG Launch including Echo factory tour!

Video footage of the trip to ECHO USA headquarters in Lake Zurich Illinois, for the Echo Means Business Launch and inaugural UAG (user advisory group) meeting including a full factory tour!  join the community for information on their product lineup

ISO Tunes & ISO Tunes Pro unboxing and first impressions

In this video I do a unboxing of the ISO Tunes and ISO Tunes PRO Bluetooth  noise isolating earbud headphones.  These headphones are certified to be used as hearing protection in workplace environments by using passive noise isolation much like a  foam ear plug with a 26NRR and 27 NRR respectively.  They also feature bluetooth 4.1 technology to stream your favourite music and phone calls, and have a built in mic with noise cancellation so your callers can you you clearly in noisy environments.  They are also sweat and water resitant.

ISO TUNES are available here on AMAZON

ISO TUNES PRO are available here on AMAZON

ion Audio Tough Sounds Bluetooth Hearing Protection unboxing

Available on Amazon

Unboxing video of the ion audio tough sounds bluetooth hearing protection. I absolutely love these. This is my second set after destroying the first ones from repeated abuse after over 2.5 years using them daily in my lawn care business.

TrackR bravo unboxing and introduction
Buy on Amazon

The trackr bravo is a small quarter sized tracking device that uses your smartphone and crowd sourced gps to track whatever you attach it to. Use this low cost idea to help protect your expensive lawn care equipment, trucks, and trailers etc, and assist in recovery after theft.

Create your own vinyl signs with a plotter (tutorial)

28″ US Cutter Vinyl Sign Plotter on Amazon

34″ US Cutter Vinyl Sign Plotter Starter Bundle on Amazon

Supplemental Podcast episode 040 – Make your own vinyl signs

PicMonkey Tutorial – (create custom graphics for your webpage or mailchimp)

In this tutorial I show you how I use PicMonkey to create custom images and graphics for my lawn care business website as well as for use with mailchimp.

Click Here to Check out PicMonkey

Quick tip to make your vista print marketing material stand out!

How to setup a basic wordpress website tutorial for beginners

*I now recommend using Blue Host for all your web hosting requirements. -affiliate link

How to design custom 2 part carbonless invoices!

Custom branded holiday cards for your business.

Ion Tough Sounds AM/FM Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Ion Tough Sounds AM/FM Bluetooth Hearing Protection available HERE ON AMAZON