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United States2019-01-235Snellgrove Outdoor ServicesI really enjoy your podcastI have listen to your podcast for sometime but for sure the interview podcasts has got to be my favorite although most of the guys I follow on YouTube this really helps us see a different side to these people and become an inspiration to me thanks keep it up
United States2018-11-175jobryant1990ncGreat podcastHi, I recently started listening to your podcast about six months ago. There is so much great content that you are putting out it has led me to finally pull the trigger on starting my own lawn care company. It is something I talked about for many years but I was finally motivated to the point where I needed to create my own company when I started listening to your podcast. I appreciate your Podcasts and all the great information that you put out I wish you nothing but the best thank you very much.
United States2018-11-045E-Clips 2018Great business start up and ideasI just wanted to say thank you for the many great ideas and different aspects of a lawn care business that you have shared thus far on the podcast. I have been listening for a little over year and a half and I have taken what you have said with a grain of salt, (like you have advised) and many of those things have come to pass and work very well for my business and I just want to say thank you for the help and the success that you have been bringing to my business through your podcast!!
United States2018-10-313First time user821st 15 minutes is advertising.Honestly, I want to listen to the podcast, but episode 171 literally had 15 minutes (up front) totally unrelated to what the topic was supposed to be about. Now I can totally understand the need to advertise some and prep the show, but maybe only for the first two minutes. Say what you want to say you up front and advertise it but then get to “it”.
United States2018-10-215Exmark UserAwesome podcastThank you for your time that you take making the podcast episodes. Keep up the great work
United States2018-10-125Ston3ballsPhenomenal PodcastI discovered Julio back at the beginning of 2018. I never was a big fan of podcasts, but I needed something new other than music. Me owning a lawn care business I naturally entered that in the search bar and found this podcast. I am not a new business or a seasoned vet, I’m somewhere in the middle. There is always value added to me and my business on every episode. My only regret is that I didn’t find this podcast sooner in my business. If you are new to lawn care industry, I highly suggest putting this podcast on auto play and start taking notes. There is so much gold that can help a new business get off the ground super fast and save some of the trial and error stuff I did, because I wasn’t absorbing the content that was out there. This is the very first podcast that I listen to on Tuesday mornings. Please, do yourself a favor and start listening!
United States2018-07-315Jake Hartsfield usmcThank you from Alabama!I listen to every episode while mowing lawns. Thanks for the hard work. I would love to read that guys comment on my voice/speaking from Deep South! Being yourself is why I like your content.
United States2018-07-285BrokawLawnGreat resource for lawn care professionalsJulio delivers sound advice week in and week out. His podcasts are delivered in an educational & conversational format, making each episode an easy-to-follow topic. You can tell Julio is passionate and knowledgeable about lawn care. He’s got a friendly personality, the type of guy you could spend hours talking shop with. An excellent resource for all lawn care professionals.
United States2018-07-202HeidiLeitheiserNeed serious improvementWhile listening to the podcast, in addition to way too much promo, literally every other word is “uhhh” & “ummm”. It makes it almost unbearable to listen to & devalues the content.
United States2018-07-195SteelGreat podcast!I’ve been listening for a couple of weeks now. Thinking about starting out a side hustle. Great information, very detailed. I’m starting from the beginning and making my way to the end.
Australia2018-06-255Working Grass ManThe best Lawn Care Business PodcastI have listened to a few different lawn care business podcasts now and this is the best by far. Julio has a great deal of knowledge to share and it is done in a clear, easy to understand and down to earth way. The sound quality is a standout, as it is of the highest grade. I highly recommend this podcast if your in, looking to enter or interested in the lawn care industry. Jay Working Grass Man Australia
United States2018-06-195Knox TennesseeListen, Laugh, Learn, GrowThis is by far the most information on starting/growing your own landscaping business grouped into a single place. Not only are the information and stories told by Julio very informative, but they are also extremely entertaining! This is what I listen to while I work. This is what I listen to while I drive. This is just what I listen to. Period. This is the best podcast I have found relating to lawn care and landscaping services, and I can't express enough how much this podcast has helped to change/mold my mindset on running a business in a professional manner. It's easy to be the "yard guy" that shows up in cutoffs and jorts, but this podcast helps to not let that happen. Thank you Julio for your amazing work! Please keep those new episodes rolling in!! Much love and appreciation from the mountains of East Tennessee.
United States2018-06-085FuzzKillAwesome And Just what I Was Looking For!I am in the middle of staring my own lawn care business on the side and this podcast has been instrumental in helping me develop myself and my business. Great information, topics that relate to me, and excellent content. This is a must if you are starting your own lawn care business!
United States2018-06-075Paul GrindleyWhat a great show!!I have been listening now for a couple of weeks after kicking around the idea of starting my own lawncare business. Your content is great. As an aspiring small lawncare business owner, your podcast is helping me fill in the holes of what I didn't even know I needed to know. I am in the very beginning stages of starting my company. Thank you for the time you have invested into this high quality podcast.
Canada2018-04-274Bakerview LandscapingBakerview LandscapingHas done well for me and been informative. Lots of questions were answered that I didn’t even know I had
United States2018-02-095Primitive Lawn and GardeningLove It!I love this podcast! I’ve owned my company Primitive Lawn and Gardening for a few years and was losing motivation but this really helped me light the fire again! I’m ready for 2018! Thank you and keep posting more!
United States2018-02-035huh uh whyAttention keeperI just wanted to write a quick review. I am a local residential contractor in Lancaster Ohio where Caleb Auman is from. Caleb and I have had the opportunity to work together on a few projects. I came to listen to his podcast, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show!! I will be back to listen to others. Keep up the good work!!
United States2018-01-275Wads911The reason I started my businessJulio provides valuable insight working as a lone lawn care entrepreneur. He was the one that provide encouragement to start my business this year. His sample contract has already come in handy. Thank you!
United States2018-01-165MOWS LAWN & IRONDO NOT MISS OUTIf you’re in the Lawn care industry in any way you will learn at least one thing listening to just one episode. I have yet listened to a episode of LCBS and not taken away valuable information. You can be a big or small time business owner.. a home owner.. or just someone considering a little extra income.. you will not only get free info but if you just listen.. more than likely you will love this podcast. Julio is a very positive, not to mention powerful asset to the online lawn care community. Thanks for reading - MOWS LAWN & IRON -
United States2017-11-175Koerner LawnEncouragingI love listening to the podcast while I mow because finally I feel like someone understands why and how I do what I do for a living! Thank you for the encouragement!
United States2017-11-155GreenscapesOhiiThis podcast has changed everything!My days have been so much better since finding this podcast! Great information from a really down to earth, REAL guy. Both educational and entertaining. Really helps pass the time while I'm working. I've been in the industry 20 years now. I wish this was around when I was getting started! My only complaint is that they aren't daily and I'm running out of past episodes! Thanks a lot for making my days better! - Ron, Greenscapes Ohio
United States2017-09-285NathanJ916Great and informative podcastThank you for all your time that you put into this podcast each week. I am a new listener and this podcast was so great I listened to every episode from the beginning. What I like most about Julio is he truly cares about all of his listeners and has their best interests at heart. He is a man of honesty and integrity. He makes every podcast important because he knows you the listener are relying on him to bring sound honest advice that he himself has been through. This is not fluff, he tells it how it is. Both his interview episodes and solo episodes are full of useful information. Please keep up the good work. The reason I started listening to Julio was because he was still putting up episodes, so keep them coming please.
Australia2017-09-275SssimooGreat podcastI've been in the mowing industry for over 20 yrs and still have more to learn, this podcast has shown me that. Love the podcast Julio keep up the great work 👍🏼
United States2017-09-025Turf Monkey Lawn CareGreat podcastExtremely motivating!!! This podcast has great energy and tons of insight for individuals new lawn care.
United States2017-08-225LABTimQuality info to get you going!I listen to this all the time while at work!! It's an awesome source to get you started, tips to accelerate you fast, coming from a guy who truly cares about his listeners as well as a passion for the industry! Appreciate all the great nuggets shared!!! thank you!
Australia2017-08-015JemmasgThumbs up from OZBrilliant, informative and easy to relate to. I really enjoy listening to your helpful tips about the industry and your experience with the tools of the trade. I am so close to starting my own business and I'm now confident I can. you've helped me gather as much info and knowledge as I can over the last couple of months to take the next step. Thanks Julio 👍
United Kingdom2017-07-225TreeManDaveExcellent industry specific podcast!Being in lawn care myself in the UK this is a very relevant and fun podcast to tune into! Well worth subscribing too.
Canada2017-07-105Geocaching MishaGreat source of ideas (still 100% revellant for me)Lots of great ideas on how to make your company work better, I wish I had podcast resources like this and Dirt Monkey when I ran my first landscape company. I live in a cheaper environment, where $60/hour would be only a dream but the ideas work here as well. (actually my time on tasks on smaller jobs falls into that zone) One year later I still am eager to learn more, being dyslexic listening to podcasts is an ideal learning tool. Thank you for giving this to the community 😀 Misha LeBlanc, CLT, CTech Geo Moncton, NB
Canada2017-06-205Ducke'sIt's Canadian yyyaaaaaLove the podcast. Full of great nuggets so good to hear it from a fellow Canadian. Keep up the great work.
United States2017-06-135Zac w/ 34 Lawn CareGreat stuffI'm new to the industry and this is helping me step in the right direction!
United States2017-06-115Geo19819Excellent podcastThis is a great podcast I'm hooked!! Highest recommendations, I reference topics from the show all the time at work.
United States2017-06-085Kevin at LawnMen LLcownerI have lisened to all the past shows and the content is better than great it is awesome . So much you can learn from each episode. Please dont stop making the episodes cause you are helping to inspire me and so many other people to go out and work hard. To get out of there comfort zone. All i know is they dont have enough stars on here 5 is not enough more like 100 star. Keep it up your doing great. (Awesome )
United States2017-05-115Dustin KentGreat PodcastThis is a great podcast! I listen to it during my long drive to work and back home trying to gather as much information and as many tips as I can to better prepare myself for the start of my very own lawn and landscaping business. I really enjoy the interviews! There's a lot of really good information to be had here. Keep up the good work!
United States2017-04-305Jeff'sLawnGreat podcastI really enjoy listening while I work. It's nice to hear a podcast from someone who knows what it's like to own and operate a solo lawn care business
United States2017-04-305JC The Lawn Care GuyFOR THE LAWN CARE COMMUNITYCatered to those interested in starting a lawn care business, those who are seasoned veterans in the lawn care business field, or for the regular average homeowner. The LawnCare Business Success podcast focuses on an array of topics and subjects within the lawn care community. Julio makes his podcast very easy to listen to, entertaining, and has the gift of carrying great conversation. As a member himself within the social media lawn care community, Julio has a great connection with fellow Instagram 'ers and Youtube 'ers which makes his interviews by far my favorite podcasts! You know you're listening to a great stream when many of the "Top Dogs" in the business happily agree to be interviewed by Julio. It just shows the great respect that they have for him. My honest review, I listen to his show every night. Re-runs until he posts a new podcast. Thank you Julio! Keep the show alive, and keep up the great work! - JC The Lawn Care Guy
United States2017-04-235TjchevyAlways providing excellent content!I started listening to this podcast this time last year from the first episode and as every new episode came out the quality just kept getting better. I have been in this business since 2005 in the state of FL and as Julio continues to put out EXCELLENT episodes I still learn something each time I hit that play button. I went through some rough and crazy times with my health last year and it was great having the Lawn Care Business Success Podcast there with great words of wisdom from himself and many of the fellow green industry guests that Julio has had on. Keep up the great work!
United States2017-04-175Detlabearawsome podcastI love listening to this podcast. I have learned so much since i have started and are continuing to learn love it
United States2017-03-275Matt LaMarshEnjoy the showGreat podcast with great insight to the green industry!
Canada2017-03-235Thirsty's Lawn CareGreat content for new or existing lawn care businessesVery much enjoying this podcast. I quickly listen to the new episode weekly to hear valuble lawn care techniques that can accelerate my buisness. Glad I found this podcast! Keep up the great work! Thanks for all your continued work, and experience.
United States2017-03-225Pmoney19971:34 minute episode. ARE YOU SERIOUS?That is exactly what I thought before I started listening. I am starting on Episode 92 and couldn't be more pleased. Great content, great information, I will be starting from the beginning as this is my year to start my lawn service.
United States2017-03-095Harmony LandscapingAwesome podcastHe puts some much into his podcast you can tell. Great podcast.
United States2016-11-185Zombie zlayer112Thanks Julio!Hey Julio. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you put into the show. The information has been tremendous in helping me grow my lawn care business. Thanks for what you do and I wish you continued SUCCESS!
United States2016-11-135Joshsteinbach85Great podcastLove having some one in the same area as me that understands all of the rain!
United States2016-09-055ssportLove the showI really enjoy this show. Mr Tome is not only insightful, but entertaining as well. He has a very pleasant and engaging personality and has a gift of painting a picture, a snapshot of his life and business that everyone in the lawn business will be able to relate to and appreciate. Not everything about this business is peaches and cream, and sure enough Mr. Tome is good at pointing out some of the downsides and potential pitfalls, but at the same time he has a cheerful personality, a joy of self-employment and is a good teacher and motivator. This show offers a realistic peek into the life of a man who has made it on his own and who loves the freedom this business has brought him.....He has lots of tips and interesting stories to share. Some of these experiences are funny, like how he mows circles around dog poop...others are serious, such as how he got his trailer and equipment stolen, and yet others are head-scratching, such as how he mows out in the pouring rain with just regular shorts and a shirt on, with no poncho or rain jacket. One of the shows that was most helpful was an episode where he reminded his listeners to stay cheerful during the day, especially around customers. Indeed, nobody wants to hire or be around a miserable person. And sometimes it's easy to be miserable when it's really hot outside. Great advice and a good reminder for those of us who tend to forget about this concept sometimes.
United States2016-08-275OnefastlxxWhat a great podcastFirst I'd like to say thank you for your time and effort. As a business owner we wear so many hats from a secretary, mechanic, IT tech, sales person, safety supervisor etc. What a great way to keep us going everyday then by listening to someone who has been there and done that to help us run a successful business. Keep up the good work!!
United States2016-08-075TurfCareSpecialtiesGreat Lawn Care PodcastI've been in this business for over 30 years and I enjoy listening to these podcasts while I work. Even after 30 years in the business, I've picked up some good pieces of new advice from Julio. Keep posting new episodes and I'll tune in.
United States2016-08-034Jdowns22All around a good thing to listen to.You can feel the passion he has for passing on his knowledge to you the listener. He does get sidetracked often and tends to tell the same stories so don't listen to all of his episodes in a row. For new and growing lawn care business owners it's tons of great info. I recommend it to anyone.
United States2016-07-315Ronny ContrerasSuper great show! Highly recommendedThis podcast is awesome! As a first year lawn care business owner this podcast has been super informative and motivational. There's a new episode every Tuesday that really get down to the nuts and bolts of running your own lawn care service. I recommend this show not only to landscapers to but any small business owner in general. I'm sure that anyone will find value in what this guy has to offer. Highly recommend! 5 out 5 stars!
United States2016-07-125gerardomeLots of great info for start-ups or ongoing lawn care providers.I look forward to your podcasts, your information has helped and kept me going. A few weeks ago you were talking about not knowing what direction you were wanting to go in your business and in your podcasts. I wanted to let you know that I was feeling the same way, after 7 years in the business, and with each tip and with each piece of advice you give, I remember the whole reason i got into the business in the first place! Thanks Julio
United States2016-06-225Bill MehnertInvaluable InformationGreat, great Show! Julio is providing fantastic and invaluable information that you can't readily find on the Internet. I'm starting my own lawn care business in the Spring of 2017 down here in San Antonio and I have all the confidence in the world now. Once again, Thank you Julio! Bill M
United States2016-03-085Zacharywood07Hello From Florida!Great show with lots of useful tips. I own a 6 month old lawn care business in the hot state of Florida. I hear you talk about how you only mow for certain months up there in Canada, but we now all year around down here! Anyways, I have listened to all of you shows while I am on the job, and they are much appreciated! Keep them coming!
United States2016-02-245Very practicle and informativeEzekiel VannThanks Julio for all your work. I contacted Julio recently with a show idea and he responded right away. Turns out I wasnt the only one with my particular request about a show on software. Little did I know Julio himself was going through the process to update his software and had already recorded the episode about lawn service software just before I contacted him. The great thing is that he did all the work of research for himself but made it available for all of us to benefit from.
United States2016-01-265Mr. Jason HurleyLove the podcast.I have blown through all your podcast episodes in three days. I wish there was more to help motivate me through the winter.
United States2016-01-255Mr. Deligence#1Great work
Australia2015-11-125GT down underGreat showYears of experience shows in the helpful information that Julio gives. It has given me greater confidence to succeed in my own business. Thanks mate.
United States2015-10-245GoldTopsRockExcellent podcast!!!I've been listening to this podcast for several months and enjoy each and everyone of them. I look forward to each Tuesday's new release. Julio is knowledgeable and entertaining. He provides information and advice on the day to day of the lawn care business. Using his experience has helped me to implement a few new ideas into my lawn care business based on what works for me. I highly recommend this podcast and easily rate it 5 stars.
United States2015-10-155J CarbaryReally great show!Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Julio.
United States2015-07-225Kerri CoxLawn Care Business Advice Backed by ExperienceI've enjoyed learning about business from someone who has been there and succeeded in a competitive field. Keep up the good work!
United Kingdom2015-06-285Just lawnsGreat podcastThis is a new podcast but so far so good. Really enjoying it and looking forward to what's to come!