Are you looking for the right software package for your lawn care business? With so many options available, how do you narrow down your choices? Well you really need to ask yourself what you want out of a software package, and what you can afford to pay for those requirements.  In this post I share what I learned recently when searching online for lawn care business specific software options.

After a exhaustive search, here is what I found in terms of software for your lawn care business.  Many of the software options offer lots of bells and whistles that you may never need. There can also be a lot of options available that determine the true cost of a software package. For example one of the choices on my list is a free option, with all the bells and whistles. This may sound great at first except when you dig a little deeper you find that it does not include all the basic business reports needed to be able to file your taxes. This software does include a few basic reports, but instead relies on needing quickbooks integration to get those more detailed important reports, and they charge a $20 per month fee to sync the two programs together, plus theres the added cost of a quickbooks subscription.

Now depending on the company size, a complicated accounting software package may be a must have option. Though, for the small one man operation, I have found that I prefer either a all in one solution, without the need for quickbooks. Or if you prefer something to just handle the financial part of your business, than a cloud accounting package thats easy to use like FreshBooks.  The proprietary software that was included when I bought my lawn care business franchise was like this. It handled all the scheduling and billing, & estimating, and could generate all the reports needed to file my taxes. It was all I used for my many years under the franchise.

A few of the paid software options on the list offer the same bells and whistles as the free option, including the possible quickbooks integration, but they also include those much needed reports to file taxes for smaller business operations, as a integrated solution. This makes there one time fee or monthly subscription a better choice financially in the long run for those small one or two man operations.

So make sure you dig deep when researching the software options available. This will ensure that it will have everything you will need in the future, or at the least, you will know what to expect when the time comes. This will help to prevent unexpected costs from creeping up in the future, when you find out the package you are using may fall short in a area and requires costly upgrading.

Click Here to check out my list of software available for your lawn care business management.

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