How to price lawns profitably

Topics for this course

8 Lessons

How to price lawns profitably

Disclaimer and Introduction00:01:39
Knowing your numbers in 5 steps00:03:47
5 things to consider before you begin00:04:22
What to look for when quoting lawn mowing00:11:22
What about tall and overgrown grass jobs?00:01:23
Looking for red flags and questions to ask potential clients00:07:42
Putting it all together00:07:03
Final thoughts and things beyond your control00:01:50

Material Includes

  • 6 Video Lessons plus Disclaimer/Introduction and final thought videos.
  • Knowing your numbers & calculating your profitable hourly rate in 5 steps worksheet.
  • Lawn Quoting checklist.
  • Lawn care e-mail quote template .pdf that I use in my business.