Its no secret that I think everyone starting out a new lawn care business should have a website for their company, and that building one should be a top priority.  So it should come as no surprise that this blog post is about having a overall web presence.

So along with having a company website:

  • Use Google my Business to verify your business with google, so that your business shows up on geographical searches for lawn care services close to that potential client.
  • Ask your current clients to leave reviews on your google or yelp business profile.
  • Take advantage of free services that let you put a business profile up on their website or app. Examples of this would be yelp, & hot frog.
  • Create a Facebook Page for your business, and encourage your clients to join it. It can be a great way to get your name out and promote seasonal services that your clients can then share with their friends.
  • Create a company YouTube Channel. Its easy to record high quality video these days, even if you work solo with just a cell phone and tripod, and there are lots of video editing programs out there to give them a polished look. Even lots of cellphones these days can handle editing video. Its amazing. Why not try creating a commercial for your company that you can then imbed on your website.

By taking the time to grow your companies web presence, you will essentially blanket the market with your brand. This results in lots of links showing up for your company on a potential clients google search for lawn care business’s in their area, thus helping to edge out the compitition.

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