One of the most popular forms of advertising for a new service start up business is flyers.  Flyers can be a very affordable form of advertising for someone looking to get the word out on a tight budget.  Today I will focus on some strategies you can use with your printed marketing material such as flyers, postcards and door hangers etc.

  • When going door to door only target areas that you want to work in.
  • Don’t just leave the flyers loose on the ground, instead partially tuck them under a door mat, or or place them directly in a mail box or mail slot.  I find as a last resort I will just squeeze the edge of the flyer between the door frame and weather stripping if needed.
  • Talk to everyone you meet while out and even if they don’t want a flyer, ask if they will take one anyway and pass it along to someone they know.
  • Target the 5 homes that surround your existing client homes regularly. (the one on each side and the three in front)
  • Repeat delivering flyers regularly during the season, especially when starting out a new business. Aim for once a month.
  • Remember to target the same areas and homes. It can take repeated exposure to your flyers and brand to get people to remember you when they do need work done.

Try these tips with your marketing material to help build and grow your brand. Let me know how it works out, or if you have any other tips. The key to direct mail is that it should be used as a repeated ongoing strategy and not a one time thing for best result.

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