Ever since thieves stole my whole trailer and cleaned me out of every single piece of equipment on board in July 2015, I have had a vested interest in equipment and trailer security. So recently when a company called Equipment Defender at equipmentdefender.com contacted me and was inquiring on if I’d like to check out their equipment racks, I immediately said yes as I was intrigued by their company name and the potential for what that could mean. The contact for the company told me he would send out a three position trimmer rack and a back pack blower rack for me to take a look at and use. After a few days the packages arrived and I was immediately excited when I saw in big bold letters on the boxes that it said NO MORE THEFT.

Upon opening the boxes and doing a initial examination, it was clear to see the quality and craftsmanship of these products. From the heavy gauge steel fabricated racks, to the cast aluminium engine supports and baked black and red powder coated finish. These racks are seriously built tough. They resembled something that you might find in the military. Particularly the back pack blower rack with its almost what I would describe as a truck spray on bedliner type tough textured finish.


The trimmer racks are available in three sizes. A two trimmer rack, three trimmer rack and even a four trimmer rack, that work with all brands of trimmers and stick edgers. The trimmer racks all come with a fully adjustable engine support system as well, to protect and ensure no damage comes to your equipment during trailering. The trimmer racks all feature a brilliant one lock design that comes standard with a keyed lock to make mounting and removing equipment quick and easy. For added convenience, a optional combination lock system can also be ordered. All the hardware necessary for mounting to both open and enclosed trailers is also included.


The Equipment Defender Back Pack blower racks feature the same great build quality and easy to use one lock design, and come in that tough textured truck bed liner type finish described earlier. The back pack rack will work with any brand and size back pack leaf blower, with no pins or modification required to your equipment. The back pack blower racks will also mount to any open or enclosed trailer configuration, with all the hardware necessary included.


Whats most impressive with these Equipment Defender products is that they are very well thought out, with the security of your expensive lawn care equipment a top priority in the design. This has the potential to minimize the down time and inconvenience that results from brazen equipment theft. One of the first things that my wife said when she saw the Equipment Defender boxes was “how will that secure the two piece type machines? Can’t someone just come along and take the trimmer half’s apart to steal them?” She was of course referring to the Stihl Kombi or Echo Pas type systems with their interchangeable attachments. After opening the boxes and inspecting the parts included, I had a light bulb moment when I picked up the mounts that you attach to your trimmers as I realized the brilliance in their design, and how even a two piece trimmer is fully secured. I actually said out loud to myself, “That’s brilliant!”


There are a lot of choices on the market when it comes to equipment racks for your lawn care business, but the Equipment Defender racks have a lot of key differences to a seemingly popular design that make their racks the best choice available, and offering the best value for money on the market today. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the video below from a former podcast interview guest of episode #092 Danny Lanier of the Lanier Lawn Care channel on Youtube as he breaks down the differences head to head, between the Equipment Defender racks and the popular competitor brand he used to use.

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