So should you offer lawn care treatments to supplement your mowing service? In a nutshell, absolutely! Most clients will automatically assume that as a lawn care company, that you will be able to offer fertilizing programs, moss control, and even weed control.  This is also a great way to supplement your income with very little extra effort. In most cases you will also already be at your clients house for the mowing anyway, but you may also find as I did, that there are also plenty of opportunities to pick up clients that do not need mowing service, as they mow their own lawns, but are intimidated to apply fertilizer or other products down themselves. This can work out great because as you niche down on your service area, all of these extra fertilizing clients will be in around the houses you already service. During spring and fall, when multiple products are to be applied such as moss control and lime etc., these extra add-ons will add a nice cushion to your bottom line.

Before you start going around applying products everywhere, take the time to learn how to properly and safely apply them. Also what requirements for insurance or government regulations are in place in your area regarding the products you want to apply. For the most part applying products such as fertilizers do not require a license, but it’s the herbicide type products such as weed and feed or round up etc. that require a license to apply commercially. This usually involves writing and passing an exam to get an applicators license.

You may also consider following a growing trend of only applying fertilizers and not applying any herbicide type products as they become banned in more areas around the world, thus eliminating the need to acquire any sort of applicator license. You may also decide to try and differentiate yourself from the competition and become an expert in say only organic based lawn care products.

In conclusion you will find that offering lawn treatments is a quick and easy way with large profit margins to add to your lawn mowing service. You will also soon understand why there are large multi-national corporations that only offer lawn treatments as their core service, and that it is most likely a service most clients will expect that you offer anyway.

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