Lawn Care Business Software

Compiled below is a list of some of the software options available for using to manage your lawn care business. Most of the options below include some or all of the features like billing, scheduling, estimating, route management, generating reports, accounting, and quick books integration.  Some are downloadable products while others live in the cloud.  Many even offer mobile accessibility.  Some are free to use, some require a monthly membership, and a few can be bought outright.  Every business is different, and each may require different features from a software package.  This list has been compiled solely to be a central directory of lawn care business management software, to make discovery easy for those researching the options available.

YardBook – FREE for life software, with cool features, some limited reports available, paid Quickbooks integration option. website based, cloud backup, mobile friendly but also a dedicated Android app available iOS coming soon.

Horizon360 – a powerful landscape business management system built to help you work more efficiently and run more profitably.

Jobber – Full featured online option starting at $29 per month, Searching for software to support your landscaping company’s day-to-day operations? Look no further. Jobber helps you quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid—faster.

FreshBooks – This is a cloud accounting software package with a monthly subscription.  FreshBooks can keep track of your clients, generate invoices, track payments, generate all the essential reports required and even handle credit card payments.

Scapersoft – Different paid monthly options available starting at $9.95, then $23.95, then $34.95 depending on your needs, 5 day free trial,  Quickbooks sync available. Website based, cloud backup, mobile friendly.

CLIP – Software for any service company, FREE basic limited account up to 40 clients, other paid options available,  $50 per month for up to 400 clients then $80 a month for unlimited.  Website based, cloud backup. Quickbooks sync included.

BossLM – Landscape management software, Pricing not available, Website based, mobile friendly

Qxpress – Scheduling software for Quickbooks, pricing unavailable,

Real Green – Software solutions for service industry businesses

Hindsite – Field service software for service businesses. $499 for setup & training. Monthly subscriptions start at $99.99 per month. Website based, mobile friendly, Quickbooks integration.

Workwave – Lawn care scheduling and routing software, Website Based, mobile friendly, pricing unavailable.

Groundskeeper – Traditional downloadable lawn care software, not web based. Lite version is $279, Pro version is $479 (payment plan available) Free trial downloadable software available. Windows based software NOT Mac compatible.

Gopher – Lawn care business scheduling and billing. Traditional downloadable software.  Windows based software NOT Mac compatible. One time payment no monthly fees, Basic version is $149, Plus version is $249, Pro version is $449.  upgrade pricing available. affiliated with the Team Gopher YouTube channel.

Dynascape – Software solutions for landscape professionals, 3D CAD designs

Arborgold – Lawn care, landscaping, tree service software. Web based, mobile friendly, Apps available on iOS and android, different pricing tiers available starting at $99 per month. plus setup fee.

ServiceAutopilot – Put your service business on auto pilot. Web based, mobile friendly, iOS app available. Two monthly pricing tiers, Start up plan is $47 per month, Pro plan is $79.97 per month. scheduling, routing, estimating, comprehensive reports, crew tracking, affiliated with the Lawn Care Millionaire channel on YouTube.

ThoughtfulSystems – Lawn care software available in 3 ways, including in traditional downloadable windows based software, cloud based as well as mobile apps for iOS and android.

*If you are with a software company that has software designed for lawn care business management and would like to be included in this list, just contact us.