Trimming lawn areas properly with a string trimmer so as not to burn or scalp can be a skill that takes some time to master. Proper trimming can be the difference that gives a lawn that well manicured look and can be a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are some tips to get you trimming like the Industry pros. First you want to choose a string trimmer that will be comfortable to use throughout the course of the day. Choosing too big or heavy of a machine can cause fatigue that can lead to losing focus of the task at hand and inadvertently scalping an area. Also you want a machine that has comfortable rubber covered handles to help minimize the effects of machine vibration on your hands that can lead to a numbness and that pins and needles feeling in your hands. Second, you want to choose a high quality trimmer line engineered to provide the best results. I prefer using trimmer lines that have sharp edges like the echo black diamond line to prevent browning the grass blade tips, its the equivalent to mowing with sharp blades versus dull blades. Another great tip is to pre soak your trimmer line in water to give it added flexibility and prevent brittleness. This will allow the string to wear over a longer period of time. Its also important to ensure that if your using a bump feed type head that you clean it each time you reload new line in it. They have a tendency to collect dirt in the internal components, that can jam them up. This will ensure that it will work properly in feeding out line.

Now that the machine is all sorted its time to get trimming, but before you do its important to remember to use all the necessary safety equipment including safety glasses, hearing protection, anti-vibration gloves and having guards properly installed on the trimmer. When it comes to the actual trimming, this can be the most time consuming part of the job, so efficiency is the name of the game. I like to start by planning out the most efficient route. I start by trimming close to the truck where I’m unloading equipment, and plan a trimming pattern that allows me to follow the perimeter of the property while also trimming around any interior beds and working my way all the way back to my start point where the equipment can be loaded back up. While trimming, its important to focus on keeping the trimmer head flat at the height your trimming for a even cut. You also want to hold the throttle down enough to raise the engine rpm so that the trimmer head spins fast enough to get the trimmer line straight out with no wobble. While trimming the perimeter you also want to think about the areas you may not be able to reach or access with the lawn mower and trim those areas as well. When it comes to fences you want to focus on trimming as close as possible without actually touching the fence for several reasons. With chain ink type fence it will chew up your trimmer line quickly and with wood fences the string will damage the wood if your not careful. The same goes for trees. You want to be carful trimming around trees so that you do not damage the bark. Its also important to be mindful of your surroundings and to be cautious when trimming around vehicles, windows or other people and pets. As a courtesy to others that may be walking by, I like to pause the trimming until the person has walked past. Not only is this the safe and responsible thing to do, but it also helps build your companies reputation in the community you service, and with a bit of time and practice you too will be trimming like the industry pros and giving the lawns you service that well manicured look.