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Listed below are some of the digital downloads and online resources I have used for my own business.  Disclaimer – Some of the resources listed are also affiliate links or sponsors that you can use to help support this site and podcast at no additional expense to you.  If you find value in the content I am providing please consider using my recommended affiliate links below.  Please note that the recommended affiliates, products or services listed below and through out this site, are only ones that I actually approve of, and have either tried and tested, or currently use myself.  Thanks for your support.


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Lawn Care Business Software

YardBook – FREE for life software, with cool features, some limited reports available, paid Quickbooks integration option. website based, cloud backup, mobile friendly but also a dedicated Android app available iOS coming soon.


Equipment Racks

Equipment Defender – Keeps your equipment safe and secure. Racks for trimmers, blowers, gas cans, trimmer line, etc. Enter coupon code LCBS10 at checkout to get 10% off your order! -affiliate

Bluetooth Crowd Sourced GPS Tracking

TheTrackr.com – Quarter sized device that can be used to track almost anything you attach it to using your iPhone or Android device. features a replaceable battery with 1 year battery life.  Attach it to keys, equipment, trailers, etc in case of loss or theft.

Safety Equipment

ISO Tunes – The best bluetooth hearing protection.  Save $10 OFF with discount code LCBS10 –affiliate

KUJO Yard Wear – The best shoes and boots for lawn care.  Save 10% off with discount code LCBS10 – affiliate

RZ Mask – Committed to leading the way in Air Filtration Masks. From Dust to Pollution to Allergens and Odors. RZ Mask, the World’s most Innovative Air Filtration Mask! –affiliate

Online Cloud Accounting

Fresh Books – Small Business Accounting Software in the Cloud -affiliate

Web Site Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration hover.com –affiliate

Website Hosting Blue Host -affiliate

Online Retailers

Shop at Amazon.com! -affiliate

Audio Books & Learning

Try Audible and Get 2 Free Audiobooks -affiliate

Email Management & List Building

Send Better Email with Mail Chimp -affiliate

Online Graphic Design

Create Custom Graphics for your website with PicMonkey -affiliate

Custom Printed Forms and Invoices

Custom Carbonless 2,3, or 4 part Forms printit4less.com

Online Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage with syncing for all your devices dropbox.com – affiliate

Custom Uniforms & Company Shirts

Custom embroidered uniform apparel   (shirts, hats, etc) Queensboro Shirt Company – affiliate 

(use my affiliate link above and get $20 OFF your first order from Queensboro Shirt Company!)



RZ Mask Review


Recently I had the opportunity to test out and review the RZ Industries M2 Mask. If you’re an established lawn care service provider, then you already know that your lungs can sometimes take a beating in this industry and you have to do everything you can to protect them for your future health. Continue reading

SureCan Review

Recently while loading up equipment and getting ready for the days mowing schedule, I started as I do every morning by refuelling my equipment before loading onto the trailer. Only this time I had the unfortunate experience that happens all too often. A big messy, and smelly fuel spill. Continue reading

Door to door flyer drop off tips

One of the most popular forms of advertising for a new service start up business is flyers.  Flyers can be a very affordable form of advertising for someone looking to get the word out on a tight budget.  Today I will focus on some strategies you can use with your printed marketing material such as flyers, postcards and door hangers etc. Continue reading

Choosing the right software to run your lawn care business.

Are you looking for the right software package for your lawn care business? With so many options available, how do you narrow down your choices? Well you really need to ask yourself what you want out of a software package, and what you can afford to pay for those requirements.  In this post I share what I learned recently when searching online for lawn care business specific software options. Continue reading


Lawn Care Business Software

Compiled below is a list of some of the software options available for using to manage your lawn care business. Most of the options below include some or all of the features like billing, scheduling, estimating, route management, generating reports, accounting, and quick books integration.  Some are downloadable products while others live in the cloud.  Many even offer mobile accessibility.  Some are free to use, some require a monthly membership, and a few can be bought outright.  Every business is different, and each may require different features from a software package.  This list has been compiled solely to be a central directory of lawn care business management software, to make discovery easy for those researching the options available.

YardBook – FREE for life software, with cool features, some limited reports available, paid Quickbooks integration option. website based, cloud backup, mobile friendly but also a dedicated Android app available iOS coming soon.

LawnPro – Online option for a $29 monthly fee or one time payment of $247 (payment plan available) with lifetime access, free 15 day trial, includes printable comprehensive reports, optional Quickbooks integration. Website based, cloud backup, and mobile friendly.

Jobber – Full featured online option starting at $29 per month, Searching for software to support your landscaping company’s day-to-day operations? Look no further. Jobber helps you quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid—faster.

FreshBooks This is a cloud accounting software package with a monthly subscription.  FreshBooks can keep track of your clients, generate invoices, track payments, generate all the essential reports required and even handle credit card payments.

Scapersoft – Different paid monthly options available starting at $9.95, then $23.95, then $34.95 depending on your needs, 5 day free trial,  Quickbooks sync available. Website based, cloud backup, mobile friendly.

CLIPitc – Software for any service company, FREE basic limited account up to 40 clients, other paid options available,  $50 per month for up to 400 clients then $80 a month for unlimited.  Website based, cloud backup. Quickbooks sync included.

BossLM – Landscape management software, Pricing not available, Website based, mobile friendly

Qxpress – Scheduling software for Quickbooks, pricing unavailable,

Real Green – Software solutions for service industry businesses

Hindsite – Field service software for service businesses. $499 for setup & training. Monthly subscriptions start at $99.99 per month. Website based, mobile friendly, Quickbooks integration.

Evergreen – Lawn care scheduling and routing software, Website Based, mobile friendly, pricing unavailable.

Groundskeeper – Traditional downloadable lawn care software, not web based. Lite version is $279, Pro version is $479 (payment plan available) Free trial downloadable software available. Windows based software NOT Mac compatible.

Gopher – Lawn care business scheduling and billing. Traditional downloadable software.  Windows based software NOT Mac compatible. One time payment no monthly fees, Basic version is $149, Plus version is $249, Pro version is $449.  upgrade pricing available. affiliated with the Team Gopher YouTube channel.

Dynascape – Software solutions for landscape professionals, 3D CAD designs

Arborgold – Lawn care, landscaping, tree service software. Web based, mobile friendly, Apps available on iOS and android, different pricing tiers available starting at $99 per month. plus setup fee.

ServiceAutopilot – Put your service business on auto pilot. Web based, mobile friendly, iOS app available. Two monthly pricing tiers, Start up plan is $47 per month, Pro plan is $79.97 per month. scheduling, routing, estimating, comprehensive reports, crew tracking, affiliated with the Lawn Care Millionaire channel on YouTube.

ThoughtfulSystems – Lawn care software available in 3 ways, including in traditional downloadable windows based software, cloud based as well as mobile apps for iOS and android.

*If you are with a software company that has software designed for lawn care business management and would like to be included in this list, just contact us.

Lawn Care Marketing Mistakes

You find a lot of information available for successful ways to market your small business, but most people don’t ever mention what their marketing mistakes or failures were.  I believe that this can be equally valuable information so you can make a more educated and informed decision on what will work for your business.   Continue reading

Vehicle Signs Do’s and Dont’s

The other day at work I was driving to my next job when I pulled into an intersection waiting to turn left.  I noticed that the vehicle across the intersection from me, also waiting to turn left was another lawn care company.  I could clearly see that because I noticed it was a full size pickup truck pulling a medium-sized trailer full of lawn care equipment.  As he turned left and drove by me, I noticed Continue reading

Picking your new business name.

Now starts the fun part.  Being a serial entrepreneur myself and having developed many different business’s, the process of picking out the name for a new business is one of my favourite parts of the whole process of developing a new business or brand. It’s a time when there is just so much excitement and enthusiasm around your idea.  I for one become fully immersed in the process. Continue reading

Now is the time!

Don’t hesitate for another moment.  Now is the time to be proactive and live life on your own terms.  The time we have here on this earth is way to short.  It is literally a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things. Continue reading


 Lawn Care Business Success is meant to be a resource for all small lawn care business owners.  Whether you are just exploring the opportunity to start your own business with no previous lawn care or business experience, or already own a small lawn care or landscaping business.

This site will focus on everything I’ve learned running a small lawn care business over the past 14 years in various forms.  With experience ranging from starting out in lawn care as a side gig, to owning and operating a lawn care franchise, and finally to starting and building my own successful lawn care business brand.

I will be sharing my experiences in various forms including blog posts, a weekly audio podcast, my instagram feed and a You Tube channel, all focused on helping others with the same dream I had of escaping the rigours of a 9-5 job or shift work, and instead to being your own boss, and creating freedom in life.

Wishing you overwhelming success and freedom in your lawn care business!