Do you often feel like you’re a hamster on a hamster wheel?  Running around all day long, working hard for someone else, and feeling trapped.  Feeling like your barely making enough income to get by and working hours that have you paying other people to watch your kids.  This is the reality that most people live in.  Going day-to-day, wasting their precious time on this planet doing things they don’t want to be doing.  People will wake up really early in the morning to fight through traffic, to go to work, to sit behind a desk all day, than fight through traffic to get back home or sometimes even go and pay to go to a gym to work out because they sat at work all day.

It does not have to be this way at all.  What if I told you that you could work in a job at the hours you set, enjoying the outdoors, with the freedom to work when you want, how you want, and where you want, while getting good exercise on a daily basis and getting paid really well on top of it all.  Some would say it’s not possible, but I say welcome to my reality.  I call it the freedom plan.  Before I started out in lawn care I had plenty of regular jobs.  In fact I have had some sort of job since I was eleven years old as a paper boy.  Some jobs were full-time but the majority were just part-time gigs averaging around 20 hours per week.  I remember working a full-time job where I made $8 per hour full-time.  I still remember getting my first pay cheque from that job after two weeks of work and being so depressed because I had only earned roughly $500 for those two weeks of work after government deductions. Two weeks of my life for $500!

In another job a few years later I had done a lot better and was now earning a starting wage of $16 per hour, but this was only a part-time gig.  I thought I had hit the big time earning around $128 per day before deductions.  It was only after the first few months of running my lawn care business that I truly opened my eyes to the new reality.  I could practically run a lawn care business on autopilot and easily earn that same $128, but instead of working eight hours I could earn that in two or three hours.  On an average day by myself I could easily earn $500.  Now think about that.  I could now earn in one day what I used to earn in two weeks, all while being my own boss and answering to no one else.

I even remember my second year once I got into the full swing of things when I went around to  a handful of my clients that wanted me to aerate their lawn, and to also apply  lime and fertilizer.  I went to 13 homes that day, and did the same three services for each, at an average of $150 for each home.  I finished that one day of work with roughly $2000 in earnings.  Let me reiterate that.  $2000 in one single day of work, with no formal education, no phd, and not doing anything illegal.

Nowadays after 10 years in business I have the luxury of being able to pick and choose the jobs or clients I take on. The most important aspect or part of my life is my family.  My wife and my two kids.  My wife has a good job full-time job with great benefits that she enjoys, and although she enjoys her work it is still a traditional job that requires her to be there during office hours.  Now because of the freedom my business offers me, I am able to have breakfast with my kids and take them to school each day before I start work.  On an average day I work from 9am-2pm.  My business is based around my town so I am always around if the kids need me.  In fact most days I come home to grab a bite for lunch, or if I need to use the restroom.  I finish work between 2-2:30pm  just in time for my youngest to be getting out of school for the day.  I do this on average for 4-5 days per week for the 9 months of the lawn mowing season in my area, and I make more money each year than I ever did working any other regular full-time job.  I spend the winter months at home taking the kids to school and mainly working on my hobbies and learning more about business, or tweaking the company website.

The freedom plan is possible for anyone who wants it.  You just have to start taking action,  believe in yourself and follow your heart.  One of my favourite quotes was from Steve Jobs who said “everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you!”

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